Friday, November 22, 2013

Happy Birthday All The Goods!

All The Goods officially turned a year old today November 22. A year ago, my life could not have been any different than it is right now, in both positive and negative ways. While at a concert the other  night by a very well-known band, it occurred to me just where the moniker 'All The Goods All The Time' really came from.
The real inspiration for the name partially came from a dream I had and also from a line in a very popular song. The song is 'Life In The Fast Lane' by the Eagles and the actual verse is 'Everything all the time'. I thought that would make a great name for a blog due to the fact that what I write about can't be easily pigeon-holed. I cover a wide variety of things within the confines of All The Goods. As much as I loved 'Everything All The Time' and thought how cool it sounded, it just didn't roll off the tongue as easily. So I amended the name to All The Goods with the intention of covering a variety of topics but they had to be either inspirational or positive or a little of both.
My plan at the time was that I wanted to stay far away from complaining about politicians or the state of the world. We all know that there is just way too much of that. I think I've been able to maintain a positive mindset with the topics I cover and the people I've interviewed.
When All The Goods was born, I had chosen my spot on Blogger but didn't actually begin to write until November 30, so perhaps All The Goods could have a double birthday. November 30 is actually when I decided to set things in motion.
Despite what might be happening in my personal life, All The Goods (and the sister sites) will move forward as planned. There are some folks I want to interview in the near future as well as more topics to cover.
And just a word about All The Rods...I had the name for that chosen well before All The Goods was even a figment of my fertile imagination. Initially, the idea behind All The Rods was a dream of mine to have a car podcast with that very name. All The Rods is now flying down the highway so fast like a well-oiled machine that I had to give it its own blog separate from All The Goods.
All The Creatives is the other sister blog that just needs to be worked on. I have plans for that, details coming soon.
Needless to say, I am proud of my three blogs and how well All The Goods has taken on a life of its own.
Thanks to all who have visited this page and checked it out.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

All The Rods has moved!

Just a quick note...if you've come here looking for All The Rods, you can now find ATR here-

Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Fruit Doesn't Fall Too Far From The Tree

(The BeeGees-Robin, Maurice and Barry Gibb)

I'm sure you're wondering why I have a photo of the Bee Gees in this blog post. Well, there's a story behind this. As a teen, this group was one of many favorites that I enjoyed. The close-knit Gibb family was one that I wished to be part of. And even though two thirds of the group ave passed away, my love of their legacy has not left me. Barry Gibb, the eldest of the group, just wrapped up his Mythology Tour which took him to Europe and Down Under, where his son Stephen and niece Samantha were part of the band. I appreciate the fact that Barry was willing to get out on the road and keep the Bee Gees brand alive.

Naturally, due to my passion for this band, when I found out that the children of these amazing men were making their own mark in the music industry, I had to check them out for myself. I gotta tell ya, the music that these 'kids' are putting out is nothing short of amazing.

First up is Samantha Gibb, who is Maurice Gibb's daughter. I discovered Samantha's talent in 2006 when I heard her on MySpace and then sent away for her CD. I was floored by her vocal range. Maurice had mentored Samantha's entry into the world of music and in his honor, she'd named her band M.E.G. (Maurice Ernest Gibb). Maurice's last project before his untimely passing in 2003, was to produce the M.E.G. album in 2002. The album was released in 2005.

I had been blown away when Maurice passed away due to the suddenness of it. When I found out about M.E.G., it made me miss him less. The album is very evocative of the Bee Gees production style. The other members of this band include Lazaro (Laz) Rodriguez on guitar and Nick Sallons on bass. The band got their start in Miami Beach and then struck out for Nashville iin 2007, feeling that Nashville would provide more opportunities for their music. While there, they did a documentary called 'A Nashville State of Mind' which featured many new up and coming bands. While in Nashville, they changed their name to Samantha Gibb and The Cartel. Below is their band photo.

(Samantha Gibb and the Cartel)
You can find out more about Samantha Gibb and the Cartel by as well as and follow on Twitter @sgandthecartel. There is also a great article about this band here

Barry Gibb, the eldest surviving Brother Gibb, has talented offspring as well such as Stephen Gibb, who is quite a great guitar player and singer in his own right. Stephen grew up around music from a young age and started playing guitar at age 13. He formed his first band in 1989, calling it NNY which stands for No Name Yet. Stephen was first a guitar tech for his dad while the Bee Gees were on their All For One Tour. He also later played as part of the Bee Gees touring band. Stephen's latest activity was to be part of his father's touring band while on the Barry Gibb Mythology Tour.
Stephen's other musical endeavors include Zakk Wylde's Black Label Society; Crowbar; Kingdom of Sorrow and 58 with Nikki Sixx. You can check out Stephen Gibb's Fan Page here- . Also you can find out more by going to and on Twitter @StephenGibb. 

(Stephen Gibb)
Barry and Maurice aren't the only ones with multi-talented children. Robin Gibb (who passed away in 2012) has two sons that are both making their way in the music industry. Spencer Gibb is Robin's oldest son. When you first hear him sing, he sounds a bit like Dad in the same way that Dhani Harrison sounds like dad George Harrison and Julian Lennon sounds like John. 

Spencer's music is a mix of old school R&B as well as indie rock with a bit of folk thrown in for good measure. Spencer started writing songs on piano and keys at 12 and then left school at 14 to become a musician. Spencer formed his first band in 1996 called Jez Spencer and then later in 1998 formed 54 Seconds. Currently, he is working as a solo artist. 

(Spencer Gibb)

You can find out more about Spencer Gibb's work by going You can find him here on Twitter @spencergibb and here Also on You Tube at (This is the Spencer Gibb Official EPK 2012.)

I also have to give props to RJ Gibb, who is Robin's youngest son. RJ is an actor, singer, composer and many other things. Shortly before Robin's untimely passing, the two worked together on what became the classical album release 'Titanic Requiem' which came out April 2012 to commemorate the 100th Anniversay of the sinking of the Titanic. 

Check out RJ Gibb Also 

(RJ Gibb)

For more information on the activities of this group of talented people, feel free to check out

As talented as the Gibb clan is, there are a few more musicians and bands that deserve mention in this post. I am a fan of the band known as SPC-ECO. I have everything they've ever put out and each time they do put something out, they just build on what came before. 

(SPC-ECO performing live in London)

SPC-ECO is comprised of the multi-talented Dean Garcia, who used to be part of UK band Curve; Rose Garcia (Dean's daughter) and Joey Levenson. Dean plays bass,drums, guitar and programming, Joey plays guitar and Rose sings. Rose's voice isn't that far from Curve singer Toni Halliday in style, breathless, ethereal and just pretty damn amazing. I guess the best way to describe SPC-ECO's sound other than flipping brilliant is 'Shoe-Gaze'. Past bands of this style include Ride and the Cocteau Twins.

You can find out more about Dean Garcia by checking out this page- Also check out this interview with Joey Levenson at-

(Dean Garcia)

To find out more and check out SPC-ECO, visit; and You can find them on You Tube under SPC-ECO and Twitter @SPCECO  SPC-ECO's 'Delusional Waste' 

(Rose Berlin)

And last but not least is yet another stunning female artist, Lucy Walsh. Lucy is the progeny of musician and singer Joe Walsh. I first found out about Lucy on MySpace about six years ago and have been hooked ever since. 

Lucy is a singer, songwriter, musician and actor. She's played keyboards for Ashlee Simpson and Ry Cuming. As a songwriter, she has worked with Taylor Swift and Britney Spears. Lucy's also part of the organization known as The Art of Elysium which enriches the lives of artists and critically ill children, Lucy plays music and teaches songwriting to the patients. 

You can find out more about this talented young lady by as well as On Twitter, you can catch Lucy here @thelucywalsh. To find out more about The Art of Elysium, visit and 

(Lucy Walsh)

This video is for Lucy's song 'Lullaby'. (I don't think this is available anywhere, sorry to say except on YouTube.) 

You can also find Lucy's EP '1882' on iTunes as well. 

I encourage you to check out these great talents, support them, buy their stuff, see their gigs if you can and lastly spread the word. The future of music is looking pretty damn good from where I sit as evidenced by these brilliant artists.